✈️ Turkish Airlines + Invest in Türkiye | Company Visit am 23.11.2022

MesseTurm | Friedrich Ebert Anlage 49 | 60308 Frankfurt am Main
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Besucht mit den Wirtschaftsjunioren das Investment Office der Republic of Türkiye im MesseTurm Frankfurt mit Blick über Mainhattan. Anschließend lädt uns Turkish Airlines zu einem Get together ein.

Corona und der Krieg in der Ukraine haben gezeigt, wie schnell Lieferketten über Nacht zusammenbrechen können. Nearshoring bedeutet die Produktion näher an die EU zurück zu holen. Eine Möglichkeit hierfür bietet die Türkei.  🇹🇷



Wednesday, 23.11.2022


Greeting at the Messe Turm (30 minutes)
🏙️ Seeing the Office and the Mainhattan view

8 minutes walk to Turkish Airlines at the Westend Gate

✈️ Welcome speech and short presentation of Turkish Airlines by Frankfurt Manager Mr. Serkan BiNYAR

🇹🇷 A presentation on Investment Opportunities in Türkiye by Country Director Mr. Ferruh PARMAKSIZ

Buffet and Q&A’s

The event is open for max. 22 people. Please note: You need to be registered here to be able to attend the event "first come, first serve". In case you cannot come, please be fair and give your seat free or inform the project leader Ali Erdem, WJ Offenbach: erdem@wj-offenbach.de


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The Frankfurt Investment Office of the Republic of Türkiye is in operation since 2021. Altogether they have observed how wise that decision was compared to other regions. Of course saying Frankfurt it means the Frankfurt Rhein-Main region including Offenbach. The Republic of Türkiye has a substantial economic presence in the region. They have one of the biggest General Consulates here in Frankfurt responsible for over 170.000 Turkish people, commercial attaches, Representative of Turkish Central Bank, Culture and Tourism Attache, 6 Turkish Banks and Regional HQ’s of some prominent Turkish companies.

After the COVID pandemic frankly speaking Germany and Türkiye were the best performing countries to combat the disease and coping with the challenges among other countries. Actually Türkiye has become also a solution for the global break of supply chain for Europe but especially for Germany. Unfortunately, just after the pandemic the war in Ukraine break out which had multiple effects primarily on energy. With the break of war lots of Western companies have declared their withdrawal from Russia and again Türkiye has emerged as a safe heaven for these companies. Interestingly, some of the Western companies and Ukrainian companies chose Türkiye to protect their existence.

Thus, Türkiye has become an ideal location for near shoring, proximation and a new place for relocating of companies.

With this perspective, the County Director of the Office Mr. Ferruh Parmaksiz will welcome the Wirtschaftsjunioren / Jaycees.


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Project leader and contact:

Ali Erdem

WJ Offenbach